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MapAlerter is a free service that issues targeted alerts from Irish local authorities:
Alerts are delivered by SMS Text Message, Email, Smartphone App, Social Media and RSS. It is free to receive alerts from

Delivering focused alerts for local areas

MapAlerter is a free service that gives Irish Councils the ability to issue alerts for specific topics. Rather than informing an entire town about a water outage, all alerts are mapped so only the affected residents are notified. This ensures a high level of satisfaction amongst MapAlerter subscribers because everything they receive is local in nature. You can register for a free account to receive alerts by SMS text message, email or smartphone app notification.

Our exciting App shows Council information in a brand new way

  • MapAlerter for local authority alerts
  • MapAlerter Tablet App for iPad and Android
  • Planning Augmented Reality Viewer
  • MapAlerter Planning Maps
  • Interactive Alerts on MapAlerter
  • Delivering push notification alerts to your app across the main Council categories
  • The MapAlerter App is optimized for your iPad and Android Tablet as well as all leading smartphones
  • View planning applications like never before using our real time Planning Viewer
  • And of course you can use interactive web maps on the MapAlerter App
  • Alerts may include media such as photographs or maps to provide the complete picture

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