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Westlodge Hotel Fastnet Rally 2019

Road Closure - Westlodge Hotel Fastnet Rally 2019 will be held on Sunday 27th October 2019 with stages at Mizen Head, Mount Gabriel ,Mount Kid.




Pursuant to Section 75 of the Roads Act 1993, & Article 12 of the Roads Regulations 1994, notice is hereby given that Cork County Council will close the following roads for the period and reason specified below:-

Roads to be closed:

Stages1 & 4 – Mizen Head

The L-4403-123 from its junction with the R591 through Dunmanus East; the L-4403-94 through Dunmanus West, Dunkelly; the L-4403-74 through Dunkelly West, Gortduff; the L-4403-50 through Lackavaun, Carrigacat and Milleen; the L-4403-27 through Balteen; part of L-4403-0 (through Clogher) to its junction with the L-8407-18; the L-8407-18 through Cloghanaculleen; the L-8407-0 through Coorlacka, Boulysallagh.

Stages 2, 5 & 7 – Mount Gabriel

The L-8417-0 from the junction with the R591, through Toormore, Gortyowen; the L-8417-18 through Arderrawinny, Lissacaha; the L-8418-0 through Gloun; part of the L-8420-0 north of its junction with the L-8417-18; the L-8420-28 through Shantullig South, Barnancleeve; the L-4412-50 through Shantullig South; the L-4413-0 through Derreennalomane, Rathruane Beg; the L-4416-0 through Rathruane Beg, Gurteennakilla; the L-4416-14 through Gortnagrough.

Stages 3, 6 & 8 – Mount Kid

The L-4417-0 through Sparrograda, Derreennaclough; the L-4417-12 through Ballybane West, Ballybane East; the L-4417-35 through Ballybane East; the L-8727-0 through Barryroe, Lognagappul; the L-8727-29 through Glanaphuca; the L-8727-46 through Coolboy; part of the L-4708-5 (north of the Ballyourane Bridge); the L-4708-25 through Barna, Gortdromagh; part of the L-4708-0 through Gortdromagh.

Road Numbers

Stages 1 & 4 – Mizen Head: L-4403-123, L-4403-94; L-4403-74; L-4403-50; L-4403-27; part of L-4403-0, L-8407-18; L-8407-0.

Stages 2, 5 & 7 – Mount Gabriel: L-8417-0, L-8417-18, L-8418-0, part of the L-8420-0, L-8420-28, L-4412-50, L-4413-0, L-4416-0, L-4416-14.

Stages 3, 6 & 8 – Mount Kid: L-4417-0, L-4417-12, L-4417-34, L-8727-0, L-8727-29, L-8727-46, part of the L-4708-5 (north of the Ballyourane Bridge), L-4708-25, part of the L-4708-0.

Alternative Routes:

Mizen Head: Goleen to Dunmanus: R-591 and reverse for Dunmanus to Goleen.

Mount Gabriel: Toormore to Barnageehy: R-591 and N-71, and reverse for Barnageehy to Toormore.

Mount Kid: Sparrograda to Cullomane: N-71 and R-586, and reverse for Cullomane to Sparrograda.

Period of Proposed Closure:

Sunday 27th October 2019

Stages1 & 4 – Mizen Head from 07.30hrs to 14.00hrs

Stages 2, 5 & 7 – Mount Gabriel from 08.05hrs to 17.00hrs

Stages 3, 6 & 8 – Mount Kid from 08.40hrs to 17.30hrs

Reason for Proposed Closure:

To facilitate the Westlodge Hotel Fastnet Rally 2019.

Ref: TRC-181-19

Director of Services,

Roads & Transportation,

Cork County Council

The Courthouse


Co Cork


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