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Fingal 25th Event Blog Series at Fingal Libraries

25th Anniversary celebrations continue in Fingal Libraries as we publish our 7th blog in our unique, commemorative series:

Hello all,

It’s week 7 of our 25th Anniversary Event and, yes, still Stark RAVEN Mad in Fingal Libraries.

Week 7 of our unique, commemorative blog series can be found here:

In today's instalment, Laura Flanagan, Fingal Libraries Staff, offers insight into the public library movement of the present day - and casts an inquiring eye to the future to query how public libraries may evolve.

Since the turn of the century, the public library service in Ireland has grown considerably, adapting and evolving to meet the needs of an ever-changing society. To find more, check out the subheadings: Shining a Light on the Public Library Service, Your Public Library Service – Today and Your Fingal Public Library Service.

The digital age has significantly altered how we interact with information, and as information serves as the cornerstone of the public library service, we look at how relationships to information have changed and how this has a knock-on effect on public libraries. For more, look under the subheadings: The Hybrid Public Library, Public Libraries & The Information Age and Public Libraries – Changing Spaces.

Thank you to Laura Flanagan for her continued work on this intriguing, once-off blog series.


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