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Fingal 25th Event Blog Series at Fingal Libraries

25th Anniversary celebrations continue in Fingal Libraries as we publish our 5th Blog in our unique, commemorative series:

Hello everyone!

Week 5 of our 25th Anniversary Event is upon us, and we continue to go Stark RAVEN, Mad here in Fingal Libraries!

Celebrating Fingal County Council’s 25th Anniversary, our unique, commemorative blog series has just published Blog 5, which can be found here:

In today’s instalment, Laura Flanagan, Fingal Libraries staff, offers insight into the public library movement of the early to mid 1900s in Ireland.

Ever wondered about the day-to-day life of an early 1900s librarian? Then why not check out the subheading: The 1900s Librarian - Trials & Tribulations. There you will find out public opinion towards librarians, the chores of an early 1900s librarian, salaries of library staff at the time, and one or two intriguing stories from your Fingal Libraries which are bound to elicit a smile.

The era saw the public libraries system expand further into rural areas and establish a nationwide service of inter-lending, which was assisted by an ‘interesting experiment’! Curious? Find out more under: County Library System.

The early decades of the 1900s were a time of monumental change within Irish society. An interesting account can be found under the subheadings: Troubled Times, Censorship, and Literary Appetites for Literary Stew.

Thank you to Laura Flanagan for her continued work on this intriguing, once-off blog series.


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