Essential Works - Limerick City, Limerick

Essential Works - Limerick City, Limerick

Leak detection works may cause supply disruptions to Casement Avenue, Cedar Street, Cherry Court, Chestnut Court, Clansfort Terrace, Clarke Avenue, Colbert Avenue, Connolly Avenue, Daly Avenue, Elm Avenue, Elm Place, Fort Villas, Galvone, Glasgow, Glenmore Avenue, John Carey Park, Kennedy Park, Larch Court, Linden Court, Maple, Marian Place, Marian Avenue, Marian Drive, McDermott Avenue, McDonagh Avenue, O'Donoghue Avenue, Ore Street, Pearse Avenue, Pearce Institute, Rathbane Road, Rathvard Road, Rowan Court, Sycamore Avenue, Sycamore Place, Upper Roxborough Road, Walnut Court, Willmount Estate and surrounding areas in Limerick City.

Works are scheduled to take place from 10pm on 5 September until 10am on 6 September.

09 2017
Irish Water is reporting a network incident at Limerick City on the Limerick City Environs PWS scheme. Check email for affected areas/times.

Categories: Water Disruptions, Limerick City and County Council


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