N12 Monaghan-Armagh (Pipers Bridge) Road Closure

N12 Monaghan-Armagh (Pipers Bridge) Road Closure

Monaghan County Council wishes to advisethe public of the following road closure on the N12 National Primary route Monaghan to Armagh Road from Pipers Bridge (LP1300) to the R213 junction from

Wednesday 30th  August 2017 to  Friday 1st September 2017

Alternative Routes - 

  • Traffic travelling south-west along the A3/N12 (Armagh to Monaghan) to divert left at the N12/R213 Junction at Tamlat and continue south along the R213 to the N2 Dublin-Derry Road at Castleshane.Take right onto the N2 and continue north-west towards Monaghan town.

  • Traffic travelling from Monaghan to Armagh to divert south at the N2 Coolshannagh Roundabout and continue south to the N2 Corlat Roundabout. Take the first exit onto the N2 Dublin-Derry Road and continue south-east. Divert left at N2/R213 Junction at Castleshane and continue north along the R213 to the N12/R213 Junction at Tamlat. 

N12 Monaghan-Armagh (Pipers Bridge) Road Closure

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