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Water Off 12/07/18 Ballinaboola, Clogga, Ardra,

Water Off 12/07/18 Ballinaboola, Clogga, Ardra,

Due to a burst mains, water will be off today Thursday 12TH July from approx 3.30pm to 10pm. Areas affected will be Ballinaboola, Clogga, Ardra, Kilcraggan, Tubrid Areas of Co. Kilkenny.
Irish Water and Kilkenny County Council apologize for any inconvenience caused.

07 2018
Original SMS Content: Water Outage-Ballinaboola, Clogga, Ardra, Kilcraggan, Tubrid Areas of Co. Kilkenny. Approx 3.30pm to 10pm

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Kilkenny County Council

Kilkenny County Council

Kilkenny County Council is now an official alerter on This means that if you live or work in Kilkenny then you can receive alerts directly from the Council as soon as they are issued through MapAlerter. It is free to register for an account and Kilkenny County Council also deliver the text messages so there is no charge to receive text message alerts. Kilkenny County Council currently provides alerts for the following service categories:
  1. Water Alerts via Irish Water: Text and Email alerts for Water Disruptions, Burst Mains or Boil Water Notifications
  2. Scheduled Road Works and Road Closures: Alerts will include affected areas and offer advice on diversions
  3. Flood Alerts: If there is a risk of flooding for a specific area then you will receive SMS, App and Email alerts
  4. Severe Weather Warnings: Orange and Red status alerts issued by Met Eireann forward on by the Council
  5. Planning Alerts: Local Planning Application Alerts and Local Area Plan Updates
  6. Community Alerts: These will be used for local events taking place in Donegal, eg. Festivals, Parades, etc.
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