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Road Closure - R183 Newtownbutler Road Clones

Road Closure - R183 Newtownbutler Road Clones

Monaghan County Council wishes to notify the public that the Regional Road R183 – From Fermanagh St Junction  Newtownbutler Rd Clones (Creighton Hotel Corner)to the Border with Co. Fermanagh will be closed from Monday 18th September 2017 to Wednesday 27th  September from 8am to 6pm to facilitate Pavement Overlay Works. 

Alternative Route:
•Newtownbutler to Clones traffic take the B53 to Wattle bridge (Co Fermanagh) and N54 to Clones.
•Clones to Newtownbutler traffic take N54 to Wattle bridge, B53 to Newtownbutler.

Road Closure - R183 Newtownbutler Road Clones

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