The MapAlerter App

The MapAlerter App for Android and iOS is a great way to receive alerts from your local authority. "App Alerts" beep in like a normal text message, but they can include a lot more information. If you use WhatsApp or any other chat apps on your smartphone/tablet then you will already know how alerts are delivered. Like WhatsApp, the MapAlerter App can include embedded maps or photographs within the alert content that provides the complete picture of any Council alert.

googleplay badgeappstore badgeWe are pleased to announce the newest and most exciting feature on the MapAlerter App: the Planning Viewer. You can now hold your smartphone or tablet in front of any location to view any recent planning application details. The App allows you to view any results within 500 metres of your current location. This is a great way to view planning details and link back to the Council's website for any additional information required. Of course you can also use the MapAlerter app to get alerts for any planning applications submitted or decided near your registered locations.

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The App is free to download from Google Play or the App Store for your preferred device. It is also free to get all alerts from the App. If you do not have a smartphone or if you prefer to get alerts as standard text messages then you can always register for a free account on this website.

iOS (iPhone/iPad) technical considerations and permission requests
  • The MapAlerter App for iOS is compatible with all iOS devices using iOS8 and above. The App is optimized for iPhones and iPads.
  • When you install any iOS app that offers push notifications then it will need to ask for your permission. When you first open the MapAlerter App on your device it will ask for this permission. Be sure to say Yes so that MapAlerter can send notifications to you through the App instead of SMS Text Messaging. If you mistakenly said No to push notifications then simply visit the Settings-MapAlerter-Notifications menu to enable notifications.
  • The MapAlerter app does not track your current location on the App. Instead the App requests the Location Permission so that it can quickly identify your start location on the web maps in the registration process.  If you mistakenly said No to the location setting then the web maps may start over a different part of the country. To allow correct GPS/location simply visit the Settings-MapAlerter-Location menu to enable it.
Android (phone and tablet) considerations
  • The Android App for MapAlerter is compatible with devices running Android V4 and above. The App is optimized for Android phones and tablets.
  • According to Google Play there are over 3500 distinct device types available for Android (operating system, screen size, etc). While every attempt has been made to cater for all these customized devices there may be occasional display issues on the more obscure devices. However the majority of Android devices should have a joyful MapAlerter App user experience. 
  • Unlike iOS, Android has a default setting to allow notifications, camera and location for the MapAlerter App once you accept all default permissions at the time of installing the app. This means you should get all the benefits of the MapAlerter App without having to accept individual permissions.
googleplay badgeappstore badgePlease report any issues with the MapAlerter App to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We rely on user feedback and we will resolve any issues or difficulties as they arise. Hopefully the above considerations for iOS and Android will answer all of your questions on the App.


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