Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?
You can create your free MapAlerter account on this website or on our smartphone apps for Android and iPhone. As part of the registration process you must provide some basic contact information (mobile & email) as well as two preferred alert locations. By outlining your Home and Work locations it means that MapAlerter will only alert you any issues at those places. When the Council issue an alert, MapAlerter determines the affected area and will alert you if you are within this "alert zone". 

What Councils use MapAlerter?
There are a growing number of Councils using MapAlerter as their corporate communications solution for public subscribers.The most prominent Councils on MapAlerter are CarlowWexford, Fingal, LimerickWaterford, Roscommon and Cork County Council. However you should still register for the service as alerts may be issued to your local area in the future.  Data that is publicly available (i.e. "open data") may also be used for the Planning Viewer feature on the App.

What information can I expect to receive?
MapAlerter is used to deliver information across all the core Council service categories. These include Water, Roads, Community, Planning, Floods and Severe Weather. Alerts may be issued by SMS Text Message, Email, Smartphone App Alert and also through the Council's social media channels. The Council determines the channels that are used at the time of issuing each alert. The free smartphone App for Androids and iPhones offers the best way to get Council alerts. Councils may also use the service to provide important alerts during major emergencies or periods of severe weather and is an excellent communication tool for important events.

How much does MapAlerter cost?
MapAlerter is a 100% free service. There is no charge to register or receive any alerts. The smartphone App is free to download and there are no in-app purchases.


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